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Landscaping Vancouver is the affordable and professional concrete contractors in Surrey that installs a multitude of concrete services with a bespoke team that provides Landscaping in Surrey, and the following concrete installation and replacement services with concrete or cement for residential concrete and commercial concrete, which are: Stamped ConcreteConcrete StainConcrete ResurfacingConcrete DrivewayConcrete PatioConcrete LevelingConcrete RepairConcrete FoundationConcrete SidewalkConcrete Pool DeckConcrete Stairs and Ramps; and More! 

We’ve been providing expert concrete contractor services in Surrey for decades and installing, repairing, and maintaining concrete is a smooth walk in the slab for our expertise and we’re your best bet if you seeking home residential concrete contractors or commercial concrete contractors in Surreyand surrounding areas that are experts in concrete managementconstruction concretecement construction, and cement contractor consultations.

We make sure we’re a concrete contracting business that provides quality concrete installation services and projects for commercial and residential projects in the Surrey area.

We’re here to handle any information that you need for the job and have decades worth of experience in concrete projects for any site at any home and house with any requirements and specifications for any customers in any type of budget, for any size, for any material for any options at any cost.



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Stamped Concrete Surrey, BC;


At Landscaping Vancouver, we provide the in demand stamped concrete service and are known and the best for stamped concrete Surrey services for major types of concrete jobs like: Stamped Concrete Sidewalk; Stamped Concrete Walkway; Stamped Concrete Driveway; Stamped Concrete Patio.

These textured and imprinted concrete will allow you to enjoy embellished stone, slate, and tiles that benefit your property and there are various types of stamped concrete we provide so, for a better understanding of which would suit you, here are some types of stamped concrete:

Flagstone Stamped Concrete; When we are talking of stamped concrete, flagstone remains one of the most fascinating stamped concrete you can get and It offers you a different and unique look from what you have been using and we provide this for all Surrey residents.

Brick Stamped Concrete; Bricks are one of the oldest building materials available that are very reliable and easily worked on and we pride ourselves to be the best in with bricked stamped concrete so you can expect our work to get durable and sturdy concrete, as it doesn’t crack easily and offers better structural beauty.

Wood Stamped Concrete; A lot of residential houses in Surrey will benefit from using several colored wood-stamped concrete and a good example is when your terrace is laced with grey stamped concrete, it will provide curb appeal and higher property value  and show you have great taste.

Italian Slate Stamped Concrete; This is a reliable stamped concrete that can provide your walkway and driveways with what it needs with a southern European centric design that gives value and provide long lasting structure.

Cobblestone Stamped Concrete; The cobblestone design is a unique type of stamped concrete that you can use in your pool decks and parkway mainly because it’s easily available, affordable, and suitable for all residential and private houses; hence we provide this as a bang for your buck concrete contractor certified service.

Concrete Stain Surrey, BC;

We offer bright concrete stain colors and well-designed patterning for concrete staining Surrey that even our chemicals help penetrate the cement and integrate permanent colors which can’t fade nor peel for a high quality concrete stain; to the point where our bespoke methods to beautify your concrete can be applied them to all kinds of concrete jobs like: stained concrete driveway; stained concrete patio; stained concrete porch. 

Moreover, so as not to be left in the dark, here are some types of color stains for conrete that you can incorporate:

Acid Stain Concrete; We provide long lasting acid stain concrete that can help provide your concrete with great and bright colors for a permanent solution for any outdoor concrete staining that can weather out harsh temperatures.

Water-based concrete stains; We service water based concrete staining which can help provide your concrete with a next level of sophistication because the water based concrete stain comes in many colors like black concrete stain, pink concrete stain, white concrete stain, and semi transparent concrete stains amongst others which entirely creates a higher level of value for your concrete.

Concrete Resurfacing Surrey, BC;

Expect a fresh concrete resurfacing Surrey with Landscaping Vancouver, whether it is for indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces and we can give your outdoor and interior surfaces a fresh look without the effort of replacing them completely with our effective techniques that saves you a lot of money over pouring new concrete over your existing surfaces. Concrete resurfacing also includes a variety of ornamental treatments, allowing you to personalize the appearance of your floors and concrete surfaces from garages to basements. 

The concrete resurfacing process is simple and affordable when you put us to test and you can send your specification to us and we will make it happen easily and in no time; we can make your concrete look like cobblestone, swirl, and bromide and In light of that, here are some types of Concrete Resurfacing services we do: Concrete Patio Resurfacing; Concrete Garage Floors Resurfacing; Concrete Basements Resurfacing; Concrete Driveway Resurfacing. Concrete Driveway:

Concrete Driveway Surrey, BC;

With Landscaping Vancouver as the trusted concrete driveway Surrey contractor locally, you’re in the right place for getting your concrete driveway installed or repaired. 

Although there are various alternatives to consider when deciding on a driveway, concrete is arguably the most often chosen because of its endurance and low cost, which makes sense for homeowners and establishments. 

Concrete is a bit more pricely steeped than asphalt, although it is more cost effective than brick or pavers yet concrete’s durability saves money in the long run while also providing a clean appearance in terms of curb appeal. 

With that said about concrete driveways, here at Landscaping Vancouver, we are employing industry grade standards, we offer multiple concrete driveway services to beautify your driveways and maintain them like: concrete driveway coating; concrete driveway sealers; concrete driveway installation; concrete driveway landscaping; concrete driveway maintenance. We also perform concrete driveway thickness checks and aim for a superb up to date modern concrete driveway installation and construction.

Concrete Patio Surrey, BC;

When dealing with concrete patio Surrey, we are talking about a patio made from poured concrete slabs and we use original materials like tiles, flagstone, and pavers to make the concrete patios that you deserve which are durable and can withstand any harsh weather conditions. 

Here are some types of Concrete patios you can get when you hire us:

Backyard Concrete Patio; When considering what you want for your lawn and backyard, choosing a concrete patio backyard for your house is necessary and you canl have a quick chat with us about your needs so we can advise on the best concrete patios you can use.

Raised Concrete Patio; People living in story buildings and who use decks need a complete concrete patio installation that will stand storms and other natural disasters and this can be done using a raised concrete patio for further preservation of your backyard.

Colored Concrete Patio; We have several colored concrete patios which can work for you and you could choose a modern concrete patio which colors pink, blue and black. 

Concrete Repair Surrey, BC;

This is a process where your due concrete repairs Surrey are fixed using quality materials and equipment because we offer concrete repair to all residents of Surrey who want a good repair and installation of concrete, and  we can help fix cracked concrete, chipped-out surfaces, and surface scaling. 

When we are talking of concrete repairs, here are the services we offer:

Concrete Epoxy Repair; Whenever your concrete cracks or is stained, using concrete epoxy repair in Surrey is your biggest bet since we can repair the concrete garage floor entrance and sidewalks including repair 8.6 oz, concrete foundation crack repairs and quikrete fast set concrete crack around your house.

Concrete Driveway Crack Repair; We also deal in repairing cracks in parking lots and driveways with immediate fast results that can prolong the lifespan of your driveway and provide lasting value for them with a bang for your buck repair.

Concrete Step Repair; To avoid accidents from slips in your staircases, it’s best to repair concrete steps that are cracked and we do this as part of our best services under concrete repair.

Concrete Slab Surrey, BC;

Another service we offer is concrete slab Surrey, a part of concrete foundations, to our numerous clients and when we talk of integrating concrete slabs, it is because these modern slabs are made of high quality long lasting concrete cast and we can even use steel reinforced slabs that are thick to help make your floors and ceiling durable. 

Let’s look at some concrete slabs we deal in:

Concrete Patio Slabs; Concrete Slabs for Patios are delicate structures and using reliable concrete slab contractors, will be the best decision to make and will make the slab concrete foundation ideal for your house or company should be the one to stand the test of time.

Raising Concrete Slab; The raising concrete slab is a perfect concrete slab that can look good on your house and this is especially good for people staying in high-rise buildings for durable foundation building.

Pouring Concrete Slab; We can provide a perfect slab pour that when solidifies looks great on your house and also help out with pergola on concrete slabs to help give your building an attractive look.

Concrete Deck Surrey, BC;

A whole lot of communities and residential houses have decks in Surrey, however, not every concrete deck is done by professionals which can result in cracks and defacing, so for those staying in Surrey, getting a reputable concrete decks near me is a great move.  Here are our concrete deck services:

Concrete Deck Repair; We offer quality concrete decks repair to residents in Surrey and we do this using the best equipment and materials because Decks can be fragile to deal with, but using the best stamped concrete pool deck contractors is your best bet.

Concrete Deck Resurfacing; Many houses in Surrey need repair for their existing decks, however, not all need an overall repair because some decks just need good resurfacing to look better and more attractive meaning it would need only a bit of work to make your decks fine and dandy and prolong its life span while keeping it looking neat.

Concrete Foundation Surrey, BC;

Bespoke concrete foundation Surrey is meant to be done by reliable concrete services to make strong long lasting floors and driveways and any other construction needed; this is to ensure that the traffic from cars and passersby don’t spoil it. Here are some concrete foundations we offer:

T-shaped Concrete Foundation; Here is a foundation we can help construct to support your ground in the event of freezing with a T-shaped foundation that cures cracked walls when the slab is poured inside the walls.

Slab-on-grade Foundation; This happens when a slab is placed between the concrete and this foundation is meant to help the concrete form a durable footing, by reinforcing and strengthening the thickening of the concrete.

Frost Protected; This foundation is constructed to help heated structures cope better in harsh climates and we use polystyrene insulation on the outdoor concrete to help prevent freezing.

Concrete Sidewalk & Walkway Surrey, BC;

Creating beautiful decorative and practical concrete sidewalk Surrey is one of or specialitiies to carve the sidewalk and walkway that you deserve. We can help you carve in the finest sidewalks and walkways , and you can count on us to deliver.  When we talk of concrete sidewalks, we mean:

Modern Concrete Walkways; We can help provide concrete walkways even to your front door that are new and can fit your specifications and these concrete walkways can stand foot traffic and are durable making your whole porch and house entryway appealing.

Concrete Walkway Molding; We make customized molding for walkway and sidewalk designs to full accustom the overall appearance of your walkway and sidewalk.

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