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Landscaping Vancouver is the affordable winner as the trusted company in Coquitlam’s Deck Contractors with the most experience in Deck Building in Coquitlam, who performs a multitude of Deck Building Services with a bespoke team that provides Landscaping in Coquitlam, and the following Decking ConstructionPorch BuildingPergola Building, and Gazebo Building with top deck contractor and deck builders services like Deck BuildDeck DesignDeck InstallationDeck ConstructionDeck Maintenance & RepairPorch BuildPorch  DesignPorch InstallationPorch  ConstructionPorch  Maintenance & RepairPergola BuildPergola DesignPergola InstallationPergola ConstructionPergola Maintenance & RepairGazebo BuildGazebo DesignGazebo InstallationGazebo ConstructionGazebo Maintenance & Repair, among others that gives your home and property an added curb appeal and home value lift.

We’ve been providing expert Coquitlam Deck Builder services for residents and property owners in Coquitlam for decades, including balconiesrailings, and rooftops and maintaining decks, and all of them are a smooth walk in the park for our deck contractors and we’re your best bet if you’re seeking the best of Coquitlam Deck Builders who work on home residential decking Coquitlam services or commercial decking contractor services in Coquitlam and surrounding areas that are experts in DecksPorchesPergolasGazebosBalconiesRailings, and Roof Tops.

Encompassing all aspects and features of deck construction from the footings to the framing, deck surface, railings, and more, we’re proud to be considered one of the best in Coquitlam Deck Construction as the HomeStar awarded deck builders Coquitlam in Coquitlam, BC.

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Landscaping Vancouver has been providing quality landscaping, deck design, and building services to the Coquitlam region for over a decade, and deck preferences have changed almost as often as the weather in the spring.

Our Coquitlam Decking design and construction professionals take pride in keeping up with the latest deck ideas, including everything from outdoor bars and kitchens to expansive fire-pits, hot tubs, fiberglass pools, Sport Court, comfortable outdoor family rooms, gardening centers, and everything in between. We are so confident in our team of expert-level deck contractors in Coquitlam that we give a quality guarantee. Contact us if a material fails or there is a problem after installation. If we haven’t reached your expectations, please let us know how we can improve. Our reputation is important to us, and we don’t take on projects lightly, no matter how large or little.

Building decks and terraces, or pergolas and balconies, is all about creating the experience you’ve envisioned for your home. We are a premier design-and-build business in the Coquitlam region because we prioritize the client in our devotion to a job well done. We’ll collaborate with you on the design, and if we spot anything that might cause problems, we’ll identify it and propose alternatives.


Deck Builders Near Me;

Homeowners often search for “Deck Builders Near Me” or “Deck Builders Near Me in Coquitlam” for their deck project mostly for their backyard.

Landscaping Vancouver is a professional custom deck construction business in your neighborhood that serves the Coquitlam Area. As a highly trained deck builder, our major objective is to turn your wish for a beautiful and long-lasting deck into a reality that is completed on time and within budget. Individuality is an important component of our work. We give special attention to each project and take into consideration all of the customer’s preferences. As one of the most prominent deck companies, we have developed unique technologies and techniques for both our decks and customers in order to achieve top outcomes and exceed expectations. We are dedicated, dependable contractors that supply high-quality materials and innovative ideas to help us create one-of-a-kind decks.

Whether you live in Coquitlam or elsewhere on the Mainland and are unsure about selecting an acceptable deck business, be assured that our Coquitlam deck builders will meet all of your needs, wishes, rules, provide you numerous services, and so on within the agreed time period. With the assistance of our professionals, you will save time and money while receiving quality installations. Landscaping Vancouver has the top deck builder near you in Coquitlam, BC.

Our Deck Building Services in Coquitlam:

Our deck building services include deck installs, deck repairs, deck staining, deck design, and among other things below you can see our other decking services for expanding your living space:

Pressure-Treated Wood for Decks

Pressure-treated decking is a low-cost popular made of fir impregnated with anti-rot and pesticide chemicals. The anti-rot treatment used to involve arsenic, but since 2004, it has relied on less toxic compounds such as copper, which offers a health risk only when burnt. Pressure-treated decking’s natural tan or brown hue may be improved with stain. Pressure-treated timber may survive for decades, but it must be refinished every other year with a clear sealant or stain.

Cedar Decking Coquitlam

The inherent beauty of genuine wood is unparalleled. Furthermore, this perennial decking staple is affordable and simple to work with, making it an excellent option for the do-it-yourselfer. Invest in the darker-colored heartwood; everything else is sapwood and will perish in a few years. Look for “heartwood common,” which has more heartwood than “construction common,” which is less expensive. Expect yearly refinishing and a 15 to 20-year lifespan.


Redwood, once the ultimate in decking, is now prohibitively costly and exclusively accessible on the West Coast. It’s light, robust, and simple to deal with. Choose only high-quality decking timber with minimal cream-colored sapwood, which deteriorates quickly when exposed to the outdoors. The darker heartwood is inherently resistant to decay. Redwood will endure 15 to 20 years with good care.

Vinyl Decks Coquitlam

PVC decking is the new kid on the block and is quickly gaining popularity as a material that is as near to maintenance-free as decking will ever get. PVC contains no wood. Premium variants feature a cellular core encased in a strong PVC outer layer with a 25-year guarantee. White, gray, browns, and tans are among the color selections.

IPE Decks

IPE, commonly known as Brazilian walnut, is a tropical wood. It is one of the most natural, elegant, and luxury decking materials sought after by commercial buildings.

IPE is valued for its longevity, great density, strength, and minimal maintenance requirements.

PVC/Composite Decks

Composite decking is one of the most environmentally friendly deck materials available, since it is constructed from a blend of PVC polymers and recycled wood resources.

Composite decks are stain and scratch resistant, and they will never splinter.

Your deck’s color or tint will never fade, and it will never be affected by mold, mildew, or decay. There is something for moisture to go into and soak into with wood. Composite isn’t like that at all. As long as the material is cleaned on a semi-regular basis, it will appear like a freshly stained wood deck for years.

Maintenance Free Decks

Decks that need no maintenance do exist! When we create and install a deck like this for you, there is no need for staining or painting, making care much simpler.

The planks are simple to clean, and the longevity does not suffer if you aren’t as diligent about upkeep and cleaning as you would with other decks.

It looks and feels like any other deck, but you’ll notice the difference when other decks need a new sealer, paint job, or staining. Yours will not. You won’t have to worry about anything with a rich appearance, sound, and feel.

Rooftop Deck Coquitlam

Building a rooftop deck is not for the faint of heart. Imagine having a place that was entirely yours, enabling you to gaze out over the city or your natural surroundings.

You may create a raised garden on top of a roof, set up a reading nook, enjoy the company of family or friends, or do anything you want with it. Our expert rooftop deck construction professionals are delighted to give recommendations on the best approach to create something on the area you have.

Our Other Deck Services:

Porch Contractor Coquitlam

Bring fresh life to the porch of your Coquitlam house. Whether your front or back porch needs some TLC, The Deck Builders can assist you in designing and building a porch that will improve the outside appeal of your house. We’ll collaborate with you to create a porch that not only looks fantastic but also serves as a place to rest. We may either alter the present designs or create something entirely new. Furthermore, we can add additional stability, storage capacity, and aesthetic aspects to help you make the most of an often ignored aspect of your house.

Terrace Contractor Coquitlam

A terrace, like a patio or veranda, is a flat space or platform next to a structure. Terraces are often open, with various points of entry. They are an excellent complement to any amenity-rich condo project in Coquitlam, BC.

A terrace is most useful in the summer, when one can go outdoors and stare at the natural scenery in front of us. A terrace is a method to extend the living space of your apartment. They’re typically used to construct around swimming pools, occasionally on roofs, to support a gazebo, or just to serve as an opening to the woods or land in a backyard. A patio design may be as private or as open as inviting as you wish. The better you plan with our builders, the more eager you will be to see the end outcome and craftsmanship for your property in Coquitlam!

Pergola And Gazebo Contractor Coquitlam

Commercial properties in Coquitlam, BC with pergolas and gazebos are like walking through heaven. There’s almost nothing so relaxing than taking in these landscaping accents. Some estates prefer gazebos over pergolas, or both forms are combined in a wider landscaped outdoor living space.

Gazebos are often utilized as community gathering places. Though most are made of wood, gazebos may also be made of different materials.

A pergola is distinct from a gazebo, which is often used to shade a path, hallway, or sitting area. A pergola’s construction is made up of posts or pillars with supporting beams and an open lattice. Pergolas are most common in arid regions, although they are also used in business and residential situations. They give a perfect environment for vines to develop, provide shade, and bring a whole new dimension to one’s gardening.

Pergolas and gazebos are both fairly basic constructions that don’t need a lot of resources to build for your home or property in Coquitlam, BC. They may therefore provide a lot of value, particularly when it comes to creating the proper aesthetic, which can be paired with landscaping and other outdoor living features.

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