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Frequently Asked Questions About Landscaping

Here at Landscaping Vancouver, we offer Landscaping Services to all of Vancouver cities, including:

And we often get many questions about our services with Landscaping. So here we will do our best to answer all of them!

What does a landscaping do?

Groundskeeping and landscaping Workers may landscape or manage the grounds of a property. They rake leaves, mow lawns, trim hedges, bushes, and trees, cultivate and plant new vegetation, and mow lawns. Workers may also be responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment, removing waste, composting, and pulling weeds.

What is a good budget for landscaping?

A good rule of thumb is to invest 10% of the value of your property on landscaping. So, if your home is worth $400,000, a landscaping budget of $40,000 is fair.

Is landscaping worth the money?

Landscaping is worthwhile if the cost-to-value ratio is balanced. This implies investing up to 10% of your house’s worth on garden ideas to ensure that you haven’t overspent and that you will regain a significant portion of your investment when you sell your property.

What do you call a landscape designer?

A landscape architect must have a degree in landscape architecture and be registered with the Landscape Institute, while a landscape designer works on smaller projects. A landscape architect may refer to oneself as a garden designer, while a garden designer may not refer to themselves as a landscape architect.

Does landscaping affect home appraisal?

The million-dollar issue is whether landscaping increases the value of an assessment. Yes, the answer is YES. The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects recommends investing 8-10% of your home’s worth on landscaping, which includes both soft and hardscaping.

What makes a house worth more?

Age and physical condition Typically, homes that are newer appraise at a higher value. The fact that vital elements of the home, such as plumbing, electricity, the roof, and appliances, are newer and hence less prone to break down, might save a buyer money.

What questions should I ask a landscaper?

·         Where do you get your plants, bushes, and trees from?
·         Will you be in charge of all maintenance?
·         Do you see what I’m envisioning?
·         How long do you think the whole project will take?
·         When will all of the plantings mature?
·         If I detect a problem, who should I contact?

How Much Water Does My Lawn Need Throughout the Year?

During the warmer summer months, cool-season grasses may become excessively hot or dry. When temperatures hit 90 degrees, cool-season lawns may become dormant and turn brown until colder weather and sufficient moisture reach the soil. We suggest watering 2-3 inches each week throughout the early hours during the hot summer months, either by rainfall or irrigation.
A healthy grass need 1-2 inches of water each week throughout the colder months. When a lawn gets more water than usual, moisture accumulates in the soil. Too much moisture might cause illnesses to spread across the grass. Allow your grass to dry out for a few days before continuing with the suggested watering schedule.

Why is Mowing the Right Height and In Alternating Patterns Important?

Cutting your grass at the proper height — three inches is suggested — will cause less harm to your grass and minimize any stress that might adversely effect your yard. Your lawn will be healthier with optimum height and alternate cutting patterns, which provides for shade, inhibits weed development, and protects the grass from insect damage.

What is a Backflow Prevention Assembly and Who Needs One?

A backflow prevention assembly is a mechanical device that is put after the water meter on your property. It prevents water from “backflowing” into the municipal water system, potentially compromising the city’s potable water supply. All customers who have a land irrigation system linked to a public water supply, including those placed at a residential site, must install either a Reduced Pressure Principle device (RP) or a Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB).

What Type of Maintenance Does An Irrigation System Require?

Proper irrigation system maintenance may save water waste and increase plant life. Maintenance is straightforward: check the system at least twice a season, when it is initially switched on and halfway through the season. Inspecting the controller, changing any times or dates, verifying all wire connections, replacing the backup battery, and turning on each zone to check for damage are all part of routine maintenance.

What Are The Benefits of Lawn Overseeding and Aeration?

When done in the autumn, overseeding and aeration provide the best benefits for your lawn. Overseeding will make your lawn healthier and thicker, improving the curb appeal of your property. Lawn aeration promotes the depth and strength of the grass by increasing airflow to it. Aeration and overseeding go hand in hand because aeration prepares the grass for overseeding. Find out more about the advantages of overseeding and aeration.

Do You Have Appropriate Insurance, Licenses And Certifications?

Yes, Landscaping Vancouver is a fully insured, licensed, and qualified landscaping business with years of expertise delivering outstanding service to both residential and commercial properties.

How Much Will It Cost To Landscape My Property?

It’s impossible to offer a precise number before meeting with you since the price varies depending on the timetable we create, the size of your home, and the variety of services you choose.

According to, in recent years, homeowners spend between $1000 and $3000 on landscape installation services every year. You may wind up spending more or less depending on your scenario, so contact us now for a free landscaping consultation to get the best price for you.

How Often Will You Maintain My Property?

This is another component that is dependent on your property and the breadth of services you need, but we offer maintenance as often as required for the service in issue. Our dedicated and skilled landscaping crew will collaborate with you to create a weekly program that may be changed as needed.

What Are “Hardscape” And “Softscape” Designs?

Hardscape refers to the permanent, long-lasting structures that are constructed on your land, which often include sidewalks and drives, patios, decks, and beautiful stone structures.

Softscape design incorporates more ephemeral design elements such as flower arrangements, trees, hedges, and other plant life.

What Sort Of Designs Are The Most Popular This Year?

Outdoor areas that are interactive and practical are appearing in an increasing number of yards. People seem to desire additional buildings where they may congregate and spend time together.

Fortunately, our staff has years of expertise designing and building hardscape constructions, so Landscape Vancouver is the ideal spot to stay up with the latest landscaping design trends.

Will Landscaping Increase The Resale Value Of My Home?

While a variety of variables can impact prospective buyers’ decisions, they will undoubtedly look to your lawn for an indicator of how well you have cared for the house, and any appealing enhancements will add indisputable charm that may set you apart from other properties.

How Much Influence Will I Have On The Design?

You have complete creative control over the design. Our landscaping experts will advise you based on years of practical expertise, but we will always strive to suit any demands and wants you have for your property.

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